1. How Do I Know If I Can Trust Eirene Cleaning?

Eirene Cleaning Services is a professional cleaning service consisting of experienced cleaners. We stand behind our work with a 48-hour Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply contact us within 48 Hours and we will arrange to re-clean the areas that did not meet your expectations.

2. Who Does Eirene Cleaning Hire To Clean My House?

Cleaning professionals who are experienced, insured and police checked.

3. How Will Our Relationship Work?

Fundamentally, it is important for us to earn the client’s trust and loyalty. That’s why we’re flexible and do our best to accommodate to each client’s requirements, including the little details. Customised services. No contracts. No hassle.

4. Do I Have To Be Home During House Cleanings?

Most of our cleaning jobs are done Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm, and it is common practice for clients to be out of the house entrusting us with their house keys. For additional security, all house keys are coded.

5. What Do I Have To Do Before A House Cleaning?

To make our cleaning job more efficient, we ask that you clear the areas to be cleaned from clutter prior to a visit from our housekeeping team.

6. What Time Do The Cleaners Arrive and Leave?

Eirene Cleaning cannot guarantee the exact time of arrival and departure due to circumstances beyond our control such as traffic and weather conditions. We also believe in giving each cleaning the attention it deserves and not pre-determine an amount of time. If for any reason you require a more precise time, we will try our best to work out a convenient solution with our clients.

7. What If The Cleaner Missed A Spot?

Our cleaning services offer consistent, quality home cleaning. Like all new relationships, however, miscommunications do occur and people do make mistakes. That’s why we offer a house cleaning service guarantee, which mean if you notify Eirene Cleaning’s office within 48 hours, our house cleaning staff will correct their mistake at no charge.

8. Am I Liable For Worker’s Compensation, Insurance or Employment Taxes?

Eirene Cleaning is a simple, worry-free home cleaning service solution. That means we take care of personal liability with regard to work-related injury and social security taxes. Some independent cleaning services may not, which makes homeowners liable. With Eirene Cleaning, we are fully insured, licensed and police checked for your protection and ours.

9. Are There Any Cleaning Task You Do Not Do?

Eirene Cleaning prides itself in providing a total housekeeping service. Whatever is considered as daily chores, we’d be more than happy to include in our housekeeping service, giving customers a personalised cleaning experience. However, for safety and health reasons, we do not:

– Clean anything that can’t be reached with an extended duster and a 2-3 step ladder.
– Clean animal mess, food trays, pet toys and pet bedding
– Move heavy furniture
– Clean animal waste
– Clean vomit
– Clean toys

10. What Happens If I Need To Reschedule A Cleaning Appointment?

We appreciate as much notice as possible so we can assign our cleaners to take other jobs. We do require a minimum of 3 days (72 hours) notice before your scheduled home cleaning. We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.

11. What If My House Clean Falls On A Holiday?

We will call to reschedule for a more convenient time when house cleanings fall on holidays. Perhaps that means an additional clean prior to a big holiday party. If you’ve scheduled that extra holiday cleaning service, cancelling or rescheduling does requires 72-hours notice.

12. Does Eirene Cleaning Use Eco-Friendly Products?

At Eirene Cleaning, we offer non-toxic, pH balanced cleaners without petroleum, alcohol, bleach, ammonia or other chemicals that irritate skin or harm the environment. We recommend the use of eco-friendly products and only use stronger cleaning products for stubborn stains.

13. How Much Does It Cost To Have My Home Cleaned?

Eirene Cleaning works with every home owner to create a custom cleaning plan designed on frequency and preferences. Hourly and specialty add-on services such as refrigerator, oven cleaning and window cleaning are also available options for your consideration. A quality cleaning with regularly scheduled services from Eirene Cleaning Services will typically not cost more than a nice dinner for two. Your time is valuable. Leave the mundane chores up to us.

14. How Can I Share My Experiences?

You value our client’s feedback and we want to know how we can serve you better so that you’d be proud to share your experience with your friends and family. You can send in your feedback through our Contact Us page or give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter.

15. Will I Have The Same Cleaning Person?

While we do try to have the cleaner sent to you, we cannot promise the same person especially for irregular cleans. In the event your regular cleaner is unavailable due to family emergency, sick days, etc. you will be notified in advance.

16. Will I Need To Sign A Contract?

Domestic cleaning will not require a contract. A contract is only required for business and trade cleaning. However clients are required to agree to our standard cleaning policy before the commencement of cleaning work. We also ask that all clients look through and sign off a check list to ensure that the cleaning was done according to the client’s requirements.

17. How Do I Pay For My Cleaning Services?

Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque or via cash/ EFTPOS by presenting your invoice at the post office. Customers are required to make a pre-payment for first time or one time services while regular customers may make a payment within 7 days from time of invoice.

18. How Many People Will Be Cleaning My House?

1 or more cleaners.

19. What If I Forget It’s My Cleaning Day?

No problem. Our cleaner will use the key you have provided to carry out their cleaning service as normal. However if the cleaner is not provided a key and is not able to do the cleaning on the scheduled day, then a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged to the client.

20. What If Something Is Damaged During a Cleaning?

We treat you and your home with complete respect. If something does unexpectedly break, we do our best to either repair or replace that item. Eirene cleaners are fully insured, so claims are filed when appropriate.

21. What If Something Is Missing From My Home?

Try and remain calm. Retrace your steps; about 90% of the time, missing items are simply misplaced by the owner and is usually found within 24 hours (it happens all the time). HOWEVER if it is not found or if the disappearance is obvious and you suspect it is our cleaner, contact Eirene Cleaning Services’ office with a complete description of what is missing including important information such as serial number inscriptions or any distinctive markings. Give us the opportunity to correct the situation.

Please keep in mind, though, that we will treat the accused as innocent during any investigation until proven guilty. Clients may however, request to have the cleaning service suspended or request for a different cleaning person until the matter it is resolved.

22. What About My Pets?

Most of our cleaners are dog and cat friendly. However, it is the client’s responsibility to put away or secure pets that will impede the work of the cleaning crew. Also advise us of pets that may try to escape quickly if a door is opened to ensure their safety. If you have a pet with special needs or that makes a mess, please make arrangements to control these occurrences as Eirene Cleaning does not include cleaning after pets.

23. Do I Need to Provide House Cleaning Products or Equipment?

Eirene Cleaning can offer quality cleaning supplies at a nominal fee for one-off cleaning or we can use the client’s cleaning products and tools. However, for hygiene purposes, we ask clients to provide the use of their own mop and bucket (recommended by us) in good, usable condition. Eirene cleaners shall not be held liable for equipment damage or breakage. We can provide the use of our own vacuum cleaner upon request. Clients will also need to provide the use of toilet bowl brushes and garbage bin liner.

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